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The main directions of the economic policy implemented by the government of Azerbaijan in the new stage of economic development are to increase the incomes of the population and to improve the social welfare of the population on the backdrop of economic diversification, strengthening of financial, currency and social stability. Minimizing the existing inflation risks in the country and minimizing the impact on the real incomes of the population is one of the key bases of this policy. Providing social rise of people, strengthening the future social life of all citizens is a major trend in economic policy. The government intends to completely eliminate a number of trends that have emerged to ensure the future quality social well-being of all citizens. For this purpose, recently strengthened measures in the social sector as well as measures aimed at the development of non-bank credit organizations are of great importance.

PSG Finance is a financial institution with a wide range of services in the manner defined by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2013 (August 19, 2013, No. 2002715951). “PSG Finans” BOKT LLC operates under license No. BKT-18 issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan. At present, our head office located in Baku and a branch office in Guba keeps the focus on entrepreneurship and takes all necessary measures in this direction.

Our mission
Our goal is to provide financial services to financial institutions that seek to improve the overall well-being of low-income communities, including those with low income, IDPs, refugees, demobilized and war-loungers, entrepreneurs, individuals and legal entities as defined by legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. “PSG Finans” attaches great importance to interaction with clients. Our organization renders various types of loans to its customers and aims to expand the list of these services over time.